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Arjun with guitar

 I have worked on different projects across the world including Los Angeles, Dubai, Muscat, Mumbai,  Sydney, Rishikesh, San Diego, New Delhi and San Francisco. You can get in touch for any Writing, Editing, Ghost Writing,  Singing and Composing projects.   


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Arjun Pereira acting as a business magnate, Vivek Mishra in this 11 minute movie.

Arjun Pereira acting as a senior hotel manager in this comedy movie.

Arjun Pereira sings Tum Hi Hon (You are the one) for T-Series (India’s leading record producer).

Arjun Pereira plays a film director in this horror film.

 Arjun sings Go For It, his original composition and lyrics.

 Arjun Pereira acts as a father in this village scene revelation movie.

Arjun sings I won’t Give Up with Miss Santos, link below:

Arjun duet

Arjun plays and sings To Be With You by Mr. Big.

 Arjun Pereira sings You’re Beautiful with James Blunt, link below:

You're Beautiful