Care Packages For The Elderly

Till last month, Matty Merry and Sam Hornsby were two biking-crazy teenagers in UK, posting crazy pictures on Facebook. Today, after the coronavirus breakout, they find themselves doing some unusual things — helping out the elderly who had self-isolated during the coronavirus scare in South Yorkshire by supplying regular ‘care packages’ that are filled with regular daily supplies and other essential stuff.

Matty Merry and Sam Hornsby who are just 17 years old now help out the elderly in the village of Harlington in Yorkshire with daily supplies such as porridge, toilet rolls and tea bags, milk, bread and eggs. So dedicated have they been in this endeavour, that BBC did a story on them a few days ago.

It all started when Sam was at his local supermarket retailer, asda, a few days ago and found an elderly man struggling to locate flour and paracetamol. He instantly thought to himself, ‘Would I want my grandpa or grandma or Matt’s grandpa or grandma to struggle like this during this time?’ He decided that he did not want anyone else’s grandma or grandpa doing this either.                             

The two friends discussed this with each other and both immediately came up with this brilliant plan – to reach out to this vulnerable group and help them with their daily supplies.

They deliver their supplies – care packages as they call them — voluntarily with a smile and tell the old people they meet to call them if they need any further help.

In the report published on, Sam said: “I really advise people to do it if you’re actually able to and if you’re willing to do it because I think at this moment in time, we really do need to pull together as a community.”

Matt and Sam have been shining examples to their teenage friends and to young people all over the world. We need many more like them. God bless them.


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