Way to Health, Harmony and Happiness

Hailing from a former ruling family, Amar Singh Chandel, blends the fundamentals of ayurveda and naturopathy with modern medical research to build a holistic formula for health, harmony and happiness. His formula that is rooted in the Vedic way of life promises a long and healthy life that is free of stress and disease.

It’s hard to believe, but if you follow Amar’s easy courses, you can rid yourself of acute and chronic diseases ― without resorting to allopathic drugs that come with unforeseen side effects.

A recipient of the Haryana Rattan Award 2013, he runs charitable clinics, while also promoting education and sports.

Amar makes it a point to distinguish between religion and spirituality. A firm believer in pure humanism and universality of spirit, he feels that religiosity and spirituality can never go hand-in-hand. Ritualism is the very antithesis of spirituality, Amar contends.

Practical to the core, for Amar, an ounce of practice carries more weight than a ton of theory.

A multi-faceted personality, Amar is also a journalist and author.

Though from a ruling family, he took up a job, the first in his family to do so. He chose journalism to give wings to his talent for writing. He soon rose to become the Associate Editor of The Tribune, where he wrote more than 3000 articles and editorials. The legendary author and journalist Khushwant Singh commented on one of the articles “I wish I had written that”!

He has written on diverse subjects such as health, environment, science, law, wildlife, social issues, sports, adventure and tourism. His forte was political satires.

Amar has authored two best-selling books, Perfect Health In 20 Weeks and Stress To Serenity.

Amar explains that to be healthy it is necessary to follow simple laws governing our eating, breathing, sleeping and exercising. It is when we disobey these laws that our health deteriorates.

The book Perfect Health In 20 Weeks  lists these laws and then explains the health hazards of flouting these laws. But by changing your lifestyle over a period of just 20 weeks, one can undo the damage caused over decades.

Stress To Serenity is a step-by-step practical guide to overcoming stress. The book is free of jargon and the steps are easy to follow. The book is based on four decades of Amar’s experience in teaching holistic healing to thousands of students.

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