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Arjun with guitar

 I have worked on different projects across the world including Los Angeles, Dubai, Muscat, Mumbai,  Sydney, Rishikesh, San Diego, New Delhi and San Francisco. You can get in touch for any Writing, Editing, Ghost Writing,  Singing and Composing projects.         



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Inventor and Polymath

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, four time PHD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a one-of-a-kind person. An inventor and polymath, he is also running for the U.S Senate in 2020.


Music Basti

Faith Gonsalves is best known for founding the project, “Music Basti” in 2008. Music Basti connects at-risk children, youth and artists with the aim to inspire growth and build a sense of community through creative and joyful music learning experiences.


Filmmaker Turns True Giver

Casting aside the glamour of the film world, 43-year-old R Revathi, former filmmaker, has educated 1,000 tribal children in the last 15 years. Revathi was 27 years when she was working as assistant director to Tamil film director Gautham Menon.


The One-Handed Guitarist

Andres Godoy is a totally original one-of-a-kind musician. Can you imagine playing a guitar with such a melodious, creative and artistic vibe? With only one hand?


Art for Leprosy Patients

In the ‘70s, it was fashionable for hippies to embark on a tour to India to promote love and peace and to seek enlightenment. Not so for Austrian artist Werner Dornik, who experienced a life-changing moment when he came across some leprosy-afflicted people in Benaras.


The Traffic Doctor

For the past nine years, Noida-based doctor Krishna Yadav has been donning two hats―that of a doctor and a traffic cop. One role―that of a doctor―earns him respect. In his other role of a traffic cop, which is voluntary and income-less, he earns bouquets along with brickbats.



Powerful Sheroe

This is a great story of women empowerment. What makes it more inspiring is that the player is not a city bred woman, but one from a rural area.


The Rehabilitation Giant

Can you imagine that one man’s dream has resulted in the rehabilitation of over 12,000 orphans, homeless children, prostitute mothers and youth in Kenya?This is true and it is due to one man’s gigantic heart and soul, Dr. Charles Mulli.


The Shark Boy

Can you imagine your life’s dreams being shattered in a space of one minute because of an unfortunate incident that is no fault of your own? The right leg gets amputated and you can no longer be a professional lifesaver or football player?


Arjun Pereira acting as a business magnate, Vivek Mishra in this 11 minute movie.

Arjun Pereira acting as a senior hotel manager in this comedy movie.

Arjun Pereira sings Tum Hi Hon (You are the one) for T-Series (India’s leading record producer).

Arjun Pereira plays a film director in this horror film.

 Arjun sings Go For It, his original composition and lyrics.

 Arjun Pereira acts as a father in this village scene revelation movie.

Arjun sings I won’t Give Up with Miss Santos, link below:

Arjun duet


Arjun plays and sings To Be With You by Mr. Big.

 Arjun Pereira sings You’re Beautiful with James Blunt, link below:

You're Beautiful